The following documents contain valuable information you need to know about building at Ravenswood:

Land Covenants (PDF)
Building Covenants (PDF)

Design approval must be gained from Ravenswood Developments Ltd, the developer of Ravenswood, prior to applying for your building consent to the Waimakariri District Council. A bond of $2,000 is payable to Ravenswood Developments Ltd when design approvals are submitted. This is in case there is any damage to the road or footpath during construction.

Below are a number of sample documents to assist you in preparing your design application; these are examples of the documents you need to submit in order to gain approval for your design.

Sample cover letter for design approval (PDF)
Stage 1 Design Guidelines (PDF)
Stages 2, 3, & 4 Design Guidelines (PDF)
Construction Bond Agreement (PDF)
Approval Checklist (PDF)
Exterior Finishes Checklist (PDF)
Sample Building Plans (PDF)

Design approval applications should be emailed to Design Approvals Ravenswood.

Geotechnical Fact Sheet - Residential (PDF)
Geotechnical Fact Sheet - Commercial (PDF)

Street addresses in residential Stage 1A (PDF)
Street addresses in residential Stage 2 (PDF)