Light industrial lots availability & pricing

To meet the needs of the local community a commercial and industrial precinct will be built in the early stages of the development. The centre will feature a New World supermarket (now has resource consent, construction starting in 2020), BP Connect service station and Wild Bean Cafe (now open), a McDonald's family restaurant (now open), light industrial and more with plenty of space to set up new businesses.


We're so excited Ravenswood New World has now got its resource consent from the Council. We'd really like to see the last three sections in our light industrial area sell as we know that proximity to New World will be a big drawcard for businesses in this area. So we're putting the last three lots on sale at BIG DISCOUNTS to list price.

Availability map with light industrial sale prices 7 Oct 2019

Lot No. Retail Price Sale Price
101 $700,000 + GST if any $625,000 +GST if any
108 825,000 +GST if any $725,000 +GST if any
130 $375,000 +GST if any $325,000 +GST if any


Lease Opportunity - View Info on Building for Lease on Lot 116 Bob Robertson Drive, Ravenswood

Ravenswood commercial area 03a

There are significant opportunities for development and business investment in the Ravenswood commercial centre which offers access to a large population, a high profile location and unique access.

Over 12,000 people reside in the direct catchment area with over 50,000 in the wider Waimakariri District.

The commercial centre is located at the main entrance of the development off State Highway 1. Its position makes it the last major retail opportunity north of Christchurch, with good access and high visibility from the highway. This prime location will ensure it captures the largest possible amount of traffic flow.

A particular draw to the centre will be the fuel station with associated convenience retail activities. Over 18,000 cars currently pass the site per day, with many likely to take advantage of the last fuel stop on the northern side of the city.

Industrial lots layout plan

Light industrial final

 Lot No. Size (m2) Price +GST (if any) Status
 100  3911    SOLD
 101  3218  $700,000  For Sale
 102  1000    SOLD
 103  800    SOLD
 104  800    SOLD
 105  800    SOLD
 106  800    SOLD
 107  800    SOLD
 108  4434  $825,000  For Sale
 109  1709    SOLD
 110  1171    SOLD
 111  1118    SOLD
 112  1120    SOLD
 113  4229    SOLD
 114  1169    SOLD
 115  1135    SOLD
 116  1135    SOLD
 117  1135    SOLD
 118  1135    SOLD
 119  777    SOLD
 120  777    SOLD
 121  777    SOLD
 122  777     SOLD
 123  802    SOLD
 124  1079    SOLD
 125  763    SOLD
 126  763    SOLD
 127  1500    SOLD
 128  1500    SOLD
 129  700    SOLD
 130  1501  $375,000  For Sale
 131  1000    SOLD
 132  720    SOLD
 133  1000     SOLD
 134  817    SOLD
 135  784    SOLD

To contact the selling agent for more information on the the commercial and industrial land click here.