Retail leasing

The Ravenswood retail centre (Ravenswood Junction) will enjoy a mix of boutique retail shops as well as national brand retailers.

Retail leasing opportunities are available now and a copy of the Leasing Information Memorandum is available on request. Enquire about retail leasing.

Ravenswood Retail Availability Map Jan 2023

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A BP Connect service station with Wild Bean Cafe (now open), a McDonald’s restaurant (now open), a New World supermarket (now open) and a Gull service station (coming soon) are just some of the recognised national brands that have committed to being part of the new development.

Ravenswood retail area

The primary catchment area for Ravenswood has 9.900 residents and this is growing strongly. This growth is underpinned by residential building permit statistics with on average 100 new houses being built in the primary catchment area each year.

In addition there is significant potential business that Ravenswood town centre can attract from passing traffic on State Highway 1 which, in conjunction with Rangiora and towns to the north, effectively extends to a large secondary catchment of 60,000+ people. Service oriented business at Ravenswood which may, for example, include childcare, medical centre, gymnasium etc will help to bring another captive market of regular customers and this will further support retail activity in the new centre.

Ravenswood commercial area 02a

Retail Demand & Growth
There is limited existing retail development in the Ravenswood primary catchment area which only has local shops in Woodend and Pegasus, with residents currently travelling to access services in other centres. The primary catchment area can at present support in excess of 15,000m² of retail space and this is projected to increase to 26,000m² by 2028. The new Ravenswood town centre will be the only place providing comprehensive facilities in this primary catchment area and is well placed to meet this significant void in retail supply.

Expected Retail Spending for the Ravenswood Primary Catchment Area

Retail spend 600px

Waimakariri District’s estimated resident population in 2020 is 64,340. The population is projected to increase to 76,000 people by 2031.

Waimakariri population graph Feb 2017 ravenswood


Economic and Business Profile for Woodend & Pegasus and the Wider Waimakariri District (pdf)
Overview of business demographics and data for the Waimakariri District

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