Stage 4d

To be eligible to purchase a section in Stage 4D you must have your bank finance pre-approved.

Lot No.       Size  Price Availability  
695 401m2  
696 402m2    Sold
697 450m2    Sold
698 464m2    Sold
699 406m2    Sold
700 422m2    Sold
701 429m2    Sold
702 430m2    Sold
703 408m2    Sold
704 430m2    Sold
705 411m2    Sold
706 400m2    Sold
707 400m2    Sold
708 400m2    Sold
709 400m2    Sold
710 400m2    Sold
711 400m2    Sold
712 400m2    Sold
713 400m2   Sold
714 400m2   Sold
715 400m2   Sold
716 449m2   Sold
717 440m2   Sold
718 430m2   Sold
719 550m2   Sold
720 500m2   Sold
721 512m2   Sold
722 468m2   Sold
723 417m2   Sold
724 493m2   Sold
725 421m2   Sold
726 450m2   Sold
727 430m2   Sold

Disclaimer: Subject to final approval of the Waimakariri District Council and the developer; subject to survey. Dimensions, details and timing of the development are subject to change. Prices and availability are subject to change at any time. Prices include GST.

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