Stage 4e

To be eligible to purchase a section in Stage 4E you must have your bank finance pre-approved.

Lot No.       Size  Price Availability  
728 500m2  
729 406m2    Sold
730 521m2    Sold
731 444m2    Sold
732 442m2    Sold
733 537m2    Sold
734 516m2    Sold
735 538m2    Sold
736 528m2    Sold
737 439m2    Sold
738 419m2    Sold
739 405m2    Sold
740 400m2    Sold
741 450m2    Sold
742 443m2    Sold
743 416m2    Sold
744 482m2    Sold
745 484m2    Sold
746 494m2   Sold
747 504m2   Sold
748 513m2   Sold
749 512m2   Sold
750 400m2   Sold
751 409m2   Sold
752 403m2   Sold
753 400m2   Sold
754 400m2   Sold
755 400m2   Sold
756 419m2   Sold
757 550m2   Sold
758 550m2   Sold
759 441m2   Sold

Disclaimer: Subject to final approval of the Waimakariri District Council and the developer; subject to survey. Dimensions, details and timing of the development are subject to change. Prices and availability are subject to change at any time. Prices include GST.

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