It’s the little things that make life big

What really matters when you build a home?

Family comes first. You want to be sure they’re happy, healthy and have the best start in life - or every reason to keep coming back home.

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Awarded Merit at the Property Industry Awards 2020

Welcome Home

Ravenswood is where you will find a place that can truly give you everything that you're looking for. If you've dreamed of getting a little way out of town, to enjoy everything the country has to offer without sacrificing the benefits of city living - come and see us at Ravenswood. We've got everything here you need in a home.

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Lifestyle & Community

Where you live has to offer more than just a house. There's got to be plenty to do and lots of motivation to get out and enjoy life. Community is also a big focus. It's great to be somewhere with a centre, where you can meet your neighbours and share with family and friends.

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Live & Work

You have to take convenience into account. Not many places have everything on your doorstep...live where you work... it's worth it when you can find it. And of course, cost has to be a factor - getting the best value for your budget will always make a new home a worthwhile investment.

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